We deploy end-to-end industrial solutions utilizing Industry 4.0 technologies.


i4C Innovation Inc. is a technology integrator that designs and implements complex industrial solutions in collaboration with our technology partners.

Our state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 lab, production and testing facility, i4C Innovation Centre, is located along the newly established Metal Tech Alley - a corridor of high-tech ventures focused on industrial innovation.


“i4C is doing extraordinary, high-level, unbelievably next-revolution things that will change our economy.” 

- Terry VanHorn Executive Director LCIC/Metal Tech Alley

Source: http://kootenaybiz.com/technology/article/trail_b.c._leads_industry_change



sensor assembly


Sensors, Actuators and Data Loggers

i4C offers a range of efficient, precision assembly services that reduce component costs and lead-times while adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry. Manufactured quantities can range from a few pieces to full production runs.


Data Processing

Distributed Computing and Block-chain

i4C is able to access and build big data storage solutions that deliver distributed IT capacity. These facilities are ideal to support the demanding computing needs of businesses on and off site involved in Internet of Things, AI and Machine-to-Machine networks.


Data Analytics

AI-Powered Industrial Analytics

Astra is i4C’s augmented business intelligence platform that makes use of machine learning technology to produce descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyses of vast amounts of IoT data. A powerful software that truly represents what the next-generation of decision support systems can do.


Data Visualization

Digital Twin Tech / XR / Touch Screen / Built-in



British Columbia is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Ocean, i4C located in BC has a specialized line, Maritime 4.0, to bring new technologies to logistics operators and maritime terminals.  i4C provides terminal automation solutions that optimize gates, rails, cranes and yard processes in terminals of all types anywhere in the world.  In partnership with other specialized organizations we enable goods to be moved fast, safely and efficiently.


Target Industries

Smart Cities

Target Areas

Industrial Safety
Process Optimization
Supply Chain Management



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