$20 million fund available for qualified technology partners

Does your organization develop technologies that help industrial clients do the following?

• Monitor, control and/or optimize remote processes
• Manage and enhance value supply chains
• Improve industrial safety utilizing cutting edge applications and technologies
• Optimize industrial logistics

If so, you may qualify as tech partner with i4C Innovation. We offer the opportunity to be part of value chains that will offer end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions to large clients. More importantly, Technology Partners have access up to $20M in funding dedicated to the provision of their solutions as a service over long-term contracts.

How does it work?

Project Scouting

i4C seeks out operational capital projects with our Industrial Partners that are interested in addressing major undertakings in their industries. These projects are delivered "as a service" for an extended period of time (2+ years).

Value Chains

i4C builds an "Industry 4.0" value chain comprised of one or more Technology Partners that are recruited to deliver the solution as a service. i4C selects these partners based on a strict criteria ensuring technology and business maturity.

Solution Design

Technology Partners get paid up front to develop and/or produce their solutions with the condition that these products get developed with i4C resources.

Solution Delivery

i4C delivers the solution as a service to our Industrial Partners. Depending on the project and agreement the Technology Partners may receive monthly instalments for the maintenance and extended delivery of their particular services.

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